Dr. Maria Luisa Nolli presents Areta at the “E. Fermi Institute” of Castellanza

Maria Luisa NolliDr. Maria Luisa Nolli presented areta international during the day “Aziende in Cattedra” held in Castellanza at the "Instituto Enrico Fermi"on the 20 of march.

The aim of the project "Aziende in Cattedra" is to introduce students to some of the realities of excellence of the national market, allowing them to question the managers and understand the strategies and the keys they use to achieve success.

Former managers that presented their company were all men,  so the institute decided to dedicate the last event only to women, also because the Institute is mostly a female environment. Before Areta there were companies like Giovanni Rana ,Pfizer, Zonin and Fonti Vinadio Spa.

Dr. Maria Luisa Nolli spoke about the birth of areta, with how much courage and optimism it has been possible to continue since 1999 when they were only three, and now that we are 25 with the 80% of women.

The message sent to girls present went far beyond the topic of conversation, focusing instead on the importance of cultivating their dreams, their interests and above all the talents that everybody has but that is the personal responsibility to bear fruit.


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